Noordzee International B.V. considers it of great importance to maintain sustainability and social responsibility. We consciously choose to be an eco-friendly and operationally efficient company. Our automated processes ensure traceability at any time.

{tab=Energy efficient}
We use a freezing system that’ s unique in the food industry.  The so called CO2 Cascade System. Using this system we keep the freezing period as short as possible. Within 3 to 4 minutes, fresh fish is processed and frozen to a core temperature of -18 degrees Celsius. This is done without any unnecessary waste of energy and raw materials, while at the same time maintaining quality, texture and appearance of the product.
Normally fish loses moisture during the freezing process. Due to our unique freezing system this is reduced to a bare minimum. Glazing also remains transparent, again contributing to an attractive presentation.

{tab=MSC label}
Noordzee International B.V. provides fish which is labeled with the Marine Stewardship Council label. The MSC is an international, independent label which guarantees a well-managed, sustainable fishery. The criteria that MSC proposes for sustainable fisheries pay attention to the status of the population, the effects of fishing on the ecosystem and resource management. The assessment of these criteria is performed by an independent organization.
Noordzee International B.V also carries the labels Responsible Fishing Scheme and Friends of the Sea.