‘The personal touch. That’s our added value.’ Noordzee International B.V. is an innovative company in the global fishing industry. We are your business partner for import, export and distribution of frozen fish products. We represent quality at a good price. ‘Doing business with a personal touch. That’s our added value.’


Added Value

If you are looking for special culinary fish in the Value Added range, you have come to the right place. Noordzee International B.V offers a wide range of value added products. From filleted and breaded fish to catering- and single-serving packaging. Our fish products are processed in-house and their easy preparation is guaranteed. Added Value page


Wild Catch

Are you looking for the best fish that the North Sea has to offer? Do you want to make your 'menu' complete with a wide variety of exotic fish? Noordzee International B.V offers a variety of products to fit your specific needs. Our North Sea fish is guaranteed to be caught in the clean, nutritious North Sea. Wild Catch page.



Fish from Aquaculture is a sustainable solution for the growing demand for fish worldwide. Noordzee International B.V. offers an extensive line of fish products from aquaculture. We know our suppliers personally and are in daily contact with our farms worldwide. Noordzee International B.V stands for quality fish products and works according to the GLOBALGAP standards. Aquaculture page.